Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sakura Terrace

When foodie friend, Chris told me he was coming home for a couple weeks, I was excited! Foodie adventures, I thought!! It's always great when the people you eat with are just as excited and curious as you are. Most of them are not as adventurous nor do they want to try a whole slew of menu items, but with Chris, I wasn't worried!

We had our minds set on I-naba for their soba lunch, but when we arrived, we were turned away, saying they were closed temporarily for lunch that day. Of course Chris and I were disappointed, but they gave us a 10% off coupon to use next time. Score! We'd be back in a few days, I'm sure.

What to eat, what to eat. Then I remembered Sakura Terrace! I would always see it as I drove past on King Street, and had always been curious about it. Yelp reviews weren't great, but I was still curious. It looked like a wooden house and was shaded by small palm trees on the side. It was also just down the road from where I-naba was.

Don't worry about parking- they have a private lot with quite a few spaces. Chris and I lucked out and parked in the last 2 spaces.

When I first stepped into Sakura Terrace, I was amazed how breezy and cool the place was. You can either eat indoors or outdoors, but both are open-air. I love that! I always love to eat outdoors, especially if it's a gorgeous day out, which it definitely was.

I immediately thought to myself- Ok, if I don't like the food here, I definitely like the ambiance. I would of course come here for a leisurely lunch with a girlfriend or Mom. It's just so ideal. And these two ladies sitting by us had the same idea- they sat for hours, exchanging birthday gifts and drinking white wine, while casually munching on sashimi. Ain't that the life!

Verdict? You're paying for the ambiance, I believe. It's a bit high for spicy ahi poke bowls, not to mention the $18.99 Unagi bowl! Outrageous. Trust me, I really wanted to get it, but couldn't reason putting out that much for Unagi that I can get for $6 at Don Quixote. Instead, I thought I'd get a regular Spicy Ahi/Ikura bowl, plus share a Garlic Shrimp and dessert with Chris. Win, win that way.

I wouldn't get the Spicy Ahi/Ikura bowl again. It was good, but I'd definitely like to try some other Sashimi and Ala Carte items, plus a different dessert. They had so many options! I loved their Garlic Shrimp with crispy rice. Beware, though, there's lots of oil soaked into the rice on the bottom.

Chris seemed to love his Spicy Ahi bowl as he slurped it all up and even ate some leftovers of my Spicy Ahi. I just wished that they gave more Ikura!!!

For dessert, we ordered their Green Tea Cheesecake, which looked extremely..........what's the word....unique? Bright green colored with green sauce drizzled on top. To me, the color wasn't appetizing at all, but hell, let's eat! It was unique that's for sure. Not the lightest cheesecake you'll ever eat, it was pretty dense. Definitely worth a try. Our waitress said it was one of the more popular desserts.

I'll definitely be back, Sakura Terrace!


The Bar

Outside Terrace

Other part of the outside terrace

Garlic Shrimp with Crispy Rice and Spicy Mayo sauce

The Green Tea Cheesecake

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  1. I think this place opened after I moved to Minnesota. It's where Peppa's Korean BBQ used to be right? Anyway, the pricing does seem pretty outlandish! My go-to place for poke bowls was Paina Cafe in the Ward Warehouse.