Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiffany Teal

I recently picked up this light, lace-y, flowy number from Bamboo Sky. I love that you can easily dress it up for summer with an ivory fitted tunic underneath, like my pictures below, or with a dark fitted tunic perfect for fall or evening wear. For me, I wanted the teal to really stand out, so the ivory backdrop really works well with the lace panels. It came out looking very clean and sleek. I can picture it already- lunch with the girls or Mom at Mariposa! The perfect outfit for that! So feminine.

Earrings via Basique Threads, Belt via Bamboo Sky, Promiscuous heels, Necklace via LMS Boutique

This dog loves to get in my pics, but is so un-photogenic!

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  1. This tunic is ADORABLE on you Kim! Love it! So your style ;) I like the way you styled it.