Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pho Thinh

I've heard about Pho Thinh's Crab Pho Special (Bun Rieu) on Saturdays, which I'd love to try, but I had to settle for their regular menu one Tuesday for lunch. My cousin Kory has been here many times and knew I wanted to eat here, so he met me here. He usually gets the Medium Pho with tendon and tripe and egg noodle...plus he adds in a ton of different sauces and veggies.

I, however, stuck with a typical small Pho with fatty brisket (you have a choice of fatty brisket or regular brisket) and also rare beef. Regular pho noodles too, please!

When it comes out stifling hot, I then add in my veggies- lots of thai basil and culantro (the long leafy green, not cilantro) and a lot of freshly-squeezed lime or lemon juice! Let that all steep for a bit, and then DIG IN!

I know Pho Thinh is favored by many. A lot of my friends have commented on how Pho Thinh is their favorite Vietnamese place to get Pho. And that means Pho Thinh must be pretty damn good, because there are A LOT of Pho places to choose from in Hawaii.

Verdict? I liked the broth a lot. It's much more on the sweeter side, which I appreciated. The fatty brisket was definitely FATTY, so I'll definitely get the regular brisket next time! We also ordered the Summer Rolls, which were delicious too. I liked that they gave each of us a sauce dish, so we didn't have to share. Thank you, Pho Thinh, you know I like lots of sauce on my summer rolls!!!

As for parking, they have a small lot they share with Mama Woo's and a few other places. Park in Pho Thinh's designated stalls OR ELSE. If those are filled up, there's a number of street parking stalls close by.

PS- Reasonably-priced. Thumbs up!

Empty now, but when we left, this place was bustling with people! Families, couples and many tables filled with business people.

Summer Rolls

Looks a little plain, but there's tripe and tendon in there!

Thai Basil, Culantro, Bean Sprouts, Lemon wedges, and Asian Chili

My Pho with fatty brisket and rare beef

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  1. Nice post! I think Pho Thinh has to be one of the cleanest and colorful pho restaurants in Hawaii. My wife and I were on frequent rotation between Pho Thinh and Pho Bistro 2 - our top 2 spots for sure.