Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blue Hawaii LifeStyle

BHL is known for their popular Acai Bowls. I mean, I've heard BEST Acai Bowls in Hawaii. I had to see for myself.

While my friends were taking their time shopping around, I decided to get a quick bite here before dinner. I looked at the menu, and not only did all of the Acai Bowls look delicious, but I definitely want to stop here again for their Paninis or Poke Bowls!

I've always wanted to try either their Lemi Fresh Acai Bowl or their Jasmine Acai. I went with their Jasmine Acai, since I wanted something a bit more subtle. Boy, was it subtle! I couldn't even tell it was blended with Jasmine tea.

For some reason, I am not a good judge of Acai. It essentially all tastes the same to me- cold, refreshing, and delicious. I can't tell bad acai from good acai. The only thing I need in mine- good granola and LOTS of honey!!

So you will all have to try Blue Hawaii for yourself and get back to me!

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  1. ha, we both wrote blogs today! I feel the same, I'm a horrible judge of acai. I'm pretty sure they all use the same packaged acai and the only thing that really differentiates them are the toppings (which was almost nearly the same too, and the price!). I'm a fan of Diamond Head Cove because it's slightly tartier.