Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tokurri-Tei UPDATED!

Last time I ate at Tokkuri-Tei, I was not impressed. Last night, though, that's a complete understatement. My goodness, my mind was blown.

From this time forward, I will never order the typical Squid Pancake, Salmon Skin Salad or any of the rolls again. Fresh Sushi it is!

We had originally planned on going to Wada (wagyu beef and uni nigiri), but they were surprisingly booked til 930pm! Whoa. Guess that will have to wait for another night!

Jeff and I literally had a feast. I guess we were extra hungry and our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We also paid a pretty penny, but it was so worth it. I knew our Chef Ray from Sushi King, but he has recently moved to Tokkuri-Tei. He is so great at what he does! Ask for him when you go!

Recommendations? The Otoro and Chutoro were the highlights of the night. 

As of now, I have to admit that although O-toro (fattiest part of the Tuna) is the better of the Toro, I prefer Chu-toro (the belly area of the Tuna). It is much less oily and less tough (less fat). When I first put the Otoro in my mouth, it felt like I was drinking a mouthful of oil! Plus the fat is a bit tough, much like the Otoro we had at Mitch's. Chutoro it is!

Our Chef Ray served us this on the house before our drinks even came! Cooked Uni on crispy tempura nori! So delicious. Didn't even taste like Uni.

Ume Hai

Soft Shell Crab

Can't have sushi without Ikura!

Squid Pancake

Huge pieces of Otoro...looks like beef steaks!

Extra oily and fatty.

Salmon Ponzu

Ume Shiso flower! Thanks Ray!

Chawanmushi...Ray, you know what I'll be waiting for next time...

Second order- 4 more Otoro, please!! Let it sit, and Otoro will be dripping with oil.

Butterfish Roll

Delicious! My favorite! Chutoro Yaki. THE BEST. Chef Ray rubbed Otoro oil on it and then torched it. Finished with Lemon Zest and Sea Salt.

Italian Ice on the house!


  1. There's baby guppies in yo belly.

  2. Wait. What! Kimberly Roll? hahaha. RAD.

    At this food is making me soooo hungry. But it's only 8:45am... and I still have to drink my morning cup o joe to be fully functional today. Ha! Sad, but true... most of my life is coffee driven. :)

    I've tried uni several times, but I just can't stomach it. CANT!

    Happy Sunday-ing, Kim. Come stop by and enter my Alainn Bella giveaway!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Jiro Ono, the first sushi chef to receive 3 Michelin Stars, actually prefers leaner cuts of tuna because he feels they are more interesting and better represent the flavor of the fish. He knows that fattier cuts are more prized nowadays though.