Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet Home Cafe

As we leave around 545pm, a line has already started...

Okay, so this isn't my first time at Sweet Home, though it is my first post on it. I don't know why I haven't blogged about this place before! I used to be obsessed, but I guess I grew tired of it. Anyway, I'm back in the game, and lots of changes have been made. Sweet Home has now taken over the small restaurant next door and expanded, so the wait isn't as's still long, but not AS long. Also, not only have they added more soup broths but also a plethora of side choices in the fridge and many more new delicious sauces!! These Taiwanese are just too good!!

My golfer friends Grant and Cyd have been wanting to try this place, so I told them we could go only if they were okay with eating around 445pm. I know everyone I take here thinks I'm crazy for eating so early, but trust me, there's nothing more painful and torturous than being hungry and waiting in line for over an hour, and watching everyone else eat through the window.

Thus, we eat at 445pm. No line, fresh food, quick service and you're fed and done by 6pm! Beware, they put you on the clock, though. You're only allowed 90 minutes to get in and out. This is how they have a high turnover rate. Kind of rude to me, but I guess I get it when I see the massive line outside. And there's literally a line any day of the week. This place is just that popular.

PS- the best part? Free Taiwanese shaved ice dessert!!! A big bowl of shave iced flavored with brown sugar syrup, luscious boba, almond float, and other flavored gelatin for everyone to share. And it's on the house!

Since I've gone, I've also noticed the price has gone up a bit. Rice isn't free anymore. Also, if you get two half portions of soup (half healthy herb, half curry), you pay the full price for both. Otherwise, they have made some significant positive changes!

Portable Induction Plates....UPGRADE!

Sesame sauce, House sauce (like a sweet ponzu plus I added in cilantro), and Garlic sauce

Healthy Herb and Curry!

THE dessert!


  1. Oh man, that shave ice is my favorite of any visit to Sweet Home Cafe ^_^

  2. I've only ever been to Sweet Home Cafe once, mostly because of the wait involved if you go anytime after opening. Waiting aside we thought it was great. The owner must be getting more used to people taking photos though. The time I went she questioned why I was taking photos and asked (quite seriously) if I was there to steal her ideas. It was a little strange!