Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Young's Fish Market

For great Lau Lau and Hawaiian food, our family always relies on Young's, located in Kalihi. Their Lau Lau is always fresh, hot and has a lot of Lau Lau fave! They also have various kinds of stuffings- Pork, Chicken, Beef or Fish, though their Fish Lau Lau is what I go there for. Only offered on Fridays and sells out by noon or earlier. It is the ultimate foodie's Lau Lau!

Young's offers a variety of combo plates (Lau Lau Plate, Kalua Pig Plate, Beef Stew Plate and Mini Plates), stews (Beef Stew, Tripe Stew, Chicken Long Rice, Squid Lu'au), Desserts (Haupia or Kulolo), and fresh seafood (Ahi Shoyu Poke, Ahi Limu, Sea Asparagus Salad, Taegy, Lomi Salmon, Raw Crab or Tako Shoyu). Boiled Peanuts, Portuguese Sausage, Poi, Sweet Potato, Roast Pork and Chili Pepper water are some other specialties.

The first Friday I took my good family friend, Kory, to Young's around noon, they had run out of Butterfish Lau Lau. We were prepared and anxious to chow down, but were so disappointed when they told us there was only Pork left. No Chicken either?! Nope. That's how popular Young's Lau Lau is!

Then, finally, the next early Friday morning, I stopped in to pick one up for my dinner. After ordering one, I decided to pick one up for Kory as well, since we missed out that last week. Met him for lunch at Mililani GC for some Oxtail and surprised him with a Fish Lau Lau!

I found out from the lady helping me at Young's, that they best time to come for their Butterfish Lau Lau on Friday is 10am. They open at 8am, but come at 10am to guarantee you walk out with it!

Kory's plate- 1/4 lb of Turkey Tail, Poi, Lomi, Pork Lau Lau and Poke

Had to get some CRISPY Roast Pork! That's the Chinese in me!

Pork Lau lau

Inside shot of the Butterfish Lau Lau!!!

Just how I like it...extra hot with rice!!

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