Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dash Gastropub

I've heard very mixed reviews on Dash, but was actually very impressed with it! I came here with my friend, Aaron, who was visiting from SF, and described the food to him as "Gourmet Bar Food." I don't know if that was the right wording, but Aaron said how pleased he was after and had expected a lot less.

We walked in and noticed how large the place was, and practically every table was taken...on a Wednesday night! Pretty popular place! Thank Goodness my good friend, Kelley, reserved a table for us, so we were promptly sat down. The drink menu looked delicious, and we couldn't decide on food, so we just asked Kelley for help. Ume-Chiso drink for me, Tanqueray Martini for Aaron, plus an array of 4 different menu items, including Ahi Tataki, Garlic Bacon Fried Rice, Butter Fried Mochi, and the Ginger Chicken Bao Sliders that were on Special that night. I think we ordered enough!

The only thing I was SO disappointed about? A lot of my friends told me to make sure I tried their Yuzu Chicken and Green Tea Waffles. Kelley said they were "by request" that night, because the Chef said the waffles came out ugly and didn't want to put it on the menu. So of course, we ordered them "by request." She came back and said the Chef was grouchy and didn't want to serve we lost out! No Yuzu Chicken and Green Tea Waffles!!! Boooooo, Dash.

But, honestly, that's about the only negative that night! I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the atmosphere was great, and Aaron and I had a lovely time catching up after years of not seeing each other.

What do I recommend? I highly recommend the Ginger Chicken Bao Sliders if they have it that night. It's a Special, so be sure to ask. Those sliders were our favorite of all of the dishes. The crunchiness mixed with the light ginger taste and tender chicken equaled a winner in my book! Plus, I really liked how much food you got for the price. Great deal.

The only thing Aaron and I didn't care for was the Butter Fried Mochi. A little too mushy and sweet for my liking. I would have liked if the Mochi was a bit more fried. This wasn't a terrible dish, though.

Some tips? Parking in their Valet Only lot can be a hassle. There are very few spaces, and they are all taken up whenever I have gone. Street Parking is your best bet. I guess this is the second negative about Dash, though I will go through the hassle because Dash is so worth it!

Ladies, order their Ume-Chiso cocktail! You will not be disappointed!

4 Dart Boards!

Ume Chiso Mojito!

Ginger Chicken Bao Sliders- SO good.

Ahi Tataki- Spicy, so just take out the slice of jalapeno!

Garlic Bacon Fried Rice- delicious! A little on the salty side, but I loved the Takuan garnish.

Butter Fried Mochi- cute pinwheel shape, but we could have left this out.

P.W.K.- People Wanna Know! People DO want to know what's in this! It's for all you Tequila lovers. And don't you just love the Li Hing Mui-dipped Lemon!?!! Such a colorful treat.

MikiNola faux leather jacket

Forever 21 necklace, Short necklace c/o Mom and Dad via Thailand!!

Tobi Top and Shorts

Jeffrey Campbell booties

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