Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greek Marina

I was craving Greek food like mad last week, but didn't want to drive to Kahala for my favorite Hummus from Olive Tree Café. Plus, I figured I hadn't been to Greek Marina in Koko Marina, for years and decided to give it a go. Would it be just as good as Olive Tree? Thankfully, Joe had finished a hike and was ready for lunch just in the nick of time! We went!

Verdict? Their Mix Souvlaki (Chicken, Shrimp and Lamb) was not my favorite. I prefer it in the pita with Tzatziki (like a sandwich), plus the lamb pieces were extra tough and on the gamier side for me. The shrimp was perfectly-grilled, but the chicken was a little dry and tough as well. 

I thought the Hummus was decent, though I still prefer Olive Tree's over it. Their Calamari is rated high on Yelp, so we also gave that a go. I thought it was just okay though.

What I did enjoy was their Dolmades, or Stuffed Grape Leaves. So good!!! I would definitely order those again. Can't wait to try the Dolmades at Olive Tree!

Greek Marina's food was decent, their price was a bit more pricey, but the convenience is a big plus. Also, I liked the outside seating with the marina in the back and the breezy air. Nice atmosphere.

Hummus- ask for extra Pita!



Mix Souvlaki

Shrimp and Chicken on one side....

Lamb chunks on the other side

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