Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Olive Tree Café

You want Greek food? Olive Tree is the place! Located in Kahala and neighboring Wahoo's, you have to get here early to get a seat, or you will be waiting for awhile. Two other facts? Yes, they take awhile to make your food, but that means it's fresh! Plus, you can call ahead to get take-out- call 737-0303. Get it? O-tree, O-tree! And two, it's BYOB!

They open only at dinner at 5pm, so get there then to score your favorite table. That's what I did only a couple days later from when I first stopped in with Joe. I was having mad cravings for their delicious hummus and lemon soup, and just had to stop by after golf. I waited a good 15-20 minutes, but it was worth it!

Btw, Sabra Hummus (store-bought) don't got nothing on Olive Tree's freshly-made hummus! Can't beat that!

Two of my faves? I'd go back only to get their hummus and lemon soup. Their souvlaki and falafel was just okay to me. I still prefer Punahou Carnival's Gyro!

Seating inside and out!

Avgo Lemono Soup- THE BEST

Hummus- be sure to ask for extra pita! You will need it!

Lamb Souvlaki


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  1. the food looks so good!
    kisses from prague