Friday, April 6, 2012

Aiea Bowl (The Alley)

I've been on an Oxtail raid lately, searching for the best Oxtail on the island. Not an easy task! I kid, I kid.

Read here for my last post on Ramen Nakamura. Noted for their "Best Oxtail Ramen on the island," I wasn't impressed. You can also read and see how I rated the two other restaurants- Sunrise and Ton Ton Ramen.

I was losing hope and was content settling on Ton Ton Ramen as being the best....until Dad took me to Aiea Bowl. The tastiest broth and tender Oxtail meat. What more could you ask for? I'd rate Ton Ton as having the more typical clear broth with a Japanese twist in taste. On the other hand, Aiea Bowl's broth was a deep dark brown color and had lots of different spices in it, including Chinese Five Spice and Star Anise. The tastiest broth!!! Plus, lots of shiitake mushrooms and peanuts! I was very impressed. It seems like it's based on a more Chinese Oxtail recipe. Fine with me!

Dad and I also shared a combo plate of their Tasty Chicken and Furikake Ahi. Not only was their Oxtail tasty, but I also wouldn't mind sharing another plate of this again soon! The Tasty Chicken is another item they're famous for, and I can see why. Had the same flavor of Zippy's Korean Chicken- sweet and salty, but the chicken was crispy. Furikake Ahi was good as well- topped nicely with a good amount of furikake and tender, not dry at all.

As for dessert, we heard their Lemon Crunch was amazing, but we didn't have any room in our stomachs! Next time!

PS- The Lunch Time hour was crazy-busy, so if you go then, expect to wait. 

Wide variety of items on the menu

Lunch or dinner with a view! There's this section by the bowling alley or there's the main dining area when you first walk in.

Furikake Ahi and Tasty Chicken Combo!!! Definitely order the Tasty won't regret it. Combo plate $12.

Oxtail Soup- all this for $12 and comes with a side of Ponzu sauce for the Oxtail. But honestly, NO NEED! Oxtail Soup is so tasty in itself! Only thing- I wish they gave us more cilantro!!!

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