Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hy's Steak House

When I crave steak, I only think of two places. One is Ruth's Chris and the other, a classic, Hy's Steak House. Now, I know there are many other Steak Houses popping up on Oahu, but come on, you can't beat these two! Trust me, the Filet Mignon at Hy's is ultra-tender and will be enough to fill you up. Plus, if you're still hungry, there's dessert. And for me, though I'm not big on desserts, I can never pass up their Cherries Jubilee. Ever since I can remember, I grew up on this stuff! When I was a little girl, Mom and Dad would bring me here, and I always looked forward to the Cherries Jubilee the most! How can you not love seeing fire spiraling down an orange peel?

Now that I'm all grown-up, well, now, I remember the steak too ;)

Bamboo Sky jacket (For Love and Lemons), Bamboo Sky top and Chevron shorts, Promiscuous heels

Hey, starting off with delicious cheese bread ain't too bad! First basket is free, second one is $2 for 4 slices or $4 for 8. Trust me, you will want a second (or third) basket. This stuff is REALLY good.

Malbec and Riesling

Yup, French Onion Soup!!!!!

7oz Filet Mignon with Baked Potato!

Garlic Steak

.....AND Garlic Mash

The show begins!!


So happy!!! Best way to end a great steak dinner.

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  1. hey, i left a comment earlier today and it didn't post! anyway, i just said cutie outfit! And I thought of you when I wrote my last post about Salt!