Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sushi King

After reading my food (and fashion) blog, you might be wondering what my favorite food is. 


My parents and I love to sit at the sushi bar at Sushi King for special occasions. We have our usual favorites: House Miso Soup, Agedashi Tofu, Robata Ika Geso, Robata Sweet Potato, Hamachi, Salmon, Ikura, Maguro, Toro, Unagi, Hokkigai, Tamago, UmeShiso, and of course, their Green Tea Ice Cream! They get their creamy Green Tea Ice Cream from Dreyers, which are only sold to restaurants. Boo!

Many others love going to Sushi King for their lunch (11am-230pm) or late night special (after 1030pm). A really great valued bento with lots of food to fill you up. Lunch is only $8.95 and you can choose from about 5 items + Teishoku (so it comes with side dishes, miso soup and California Roll, Cone Sushi (Inari) or Spicy Ahi Roll. Late night special is $9.95, and from 1030pm-midnight, you can also order their Chirashi Special for only $15.95!! 

Located on King Street next to Fukuya and Glazer's Coffee, their parking lot has lots of space. If not, you can also find street parking around there and around 4 King's Kitchen. Check it out!!

Robata Sweet Potato

Ika Geso

Our favorite Sushi Chef, Ray!

A serious sushi work of art.
Almost too pretty to EAT!

Salmon Rose!


Ume Shiso- I love the salty/minty combination.

Favorite ending.

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  1. Great post there! Sushi @ Sushi King looks delicious. If I ever make it out to Hawaii, I'll make sure to swing by =D