Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yanagi Sushi

After winning a Women's Golf Tournament this past week, my good golf friend and eating buddy, David, took me out to celebrate! Of course he took me to eat sushi at Yanagi. I have never been there, so this was an extra-special treat. It was so great, David! Thank you again!!!

Besides the parking situation (only valet in the small parking lot or street parking on Kapiolani by Lexus Dealership), I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of different sushi and nigiri. There was definitely a bigger variety of fish I saw on the plate than at my usual favorite, Sushi King. David had to explain to me what fish was what, because I had never seen it before! Though I was very surprised to know that Yanagi is Korean-owned, I can still see why this may be a sushi favorite on Oahu. There were the regulars, Japanese families, Korean families, locals, and tourists trying their fare with sushi. While there is a sushi bar which sits around 12-15, there are tables and booths, though all in very tight quarters. Reminded me faintly of the old Tokkuri-Tei. Lots of small tables and booths very close to one another with lots of autographed pictures across the walls. A very home-y feeling!

As for the sushi and Nigiri, everything was so fresh and tasty. We ordered the Sashimi Deluxe plate and the Omakase (Chef's Special), plus a Dragon Roll and also Dynamite. The Dynamite was one of my favorites. I first had it at Imanas-Tei, but I think Yanagi's was really good. We even had 4 pieces of Toro on our Deluxe plate! The menu was extensive, and I wanted to try everything (especially the Miso Butterfish next time!)! I was drooling over an Enoki Mushroom dish that the table next to us had. But after scrolling through Yanagi on Yelp, I realized that most everyone orders a ton of sushi/Nigiri platters, and only some small cooked dishes. Now, I can definitely see why! Though it was pretty pricey, it was definitely worth it. I highly recommend Yanagi! By the end of the night, we were completely stuffed!

Yanagi is also similar to Sushi King and Tokkuri-Tei with their late night specials. David had said the price is right late at night. Too bad we were 2 hours too early! Next time!

Wore my Bamboo Sky gold necklace and shorts with an
Urban Outfitters cardigan and VS silk mustard-colored tank.

Sushi Bar pretty empty around 10pm.

Sashimi Deluxe


Chef's Special Combo Sushi

Dragon Roll

Gotta have the Green Tea ice cream for dessert!!



    sorry such a late reply but I'm glad you loved the garlic may! My friend told me about it.. we would always get it after a night of drinking. Gosh it taste even better drunk lol. Love these shorts on you.. you always put together your outfits so nicely and better yet they are from bsky! :)