Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ooh Kemosabe

I couldn't wait to put together an outfit around my new Bamboo Sky Acid Wash Jacket. I absolutely adore it! So what'd I pair it with? Of course my Bamboo Sky Mink Pink Inca Tube Skirt and my Mink Pink Rambo top! You could definitely say I'm a Bamboo Sky and Mink Pink girl at heart :P

Also adore my new Sam Edelman Sandals!!! They have an aztec print sole!


  1. OMG this outfit from head to toe is badass! Love the acid washed and tribal look.. so glad you paired it together because it looks FAB and I LOVE those heels! <3

  2. And those hot dogs are fricken good, I love it with garlic mayo :P

  3. jackie, def need to try the garlic mayo next time! sounds so delish.