Thursday, July 21, 2011

Genius Lounge

I have been wanting to visit this store/restaurant for awhile, but you know me, it being located in Waikiki is a negative for me. Waikiki is always crowded, street parking is almost nonexistent, and if you park in a structure, expect to pay a high price. Also, since Waikiki is geared towards the tourists, restaurant prices are very high as well. So high price for food and parking = iffy for me, however I have been wanting to check this place out since it opened in mid 2010. Known for its cozy and romantic ambiance, interesting menu items and Genius Outfitters store below the restaurant, it seemed like a cool place to shop and chill out for Happy Hour (6-8pm).

Parking? Genius Lounge has a metered parking lot in the back of the restaurant, off of Kuhio. Look for the sign that says, "Paid Parking." I think 25 cents will get you only 10 minutes. Yep, that's Waikiki for you!

Verdict? Well, I absolutely loved the ambiance. Right on with the "cozy, romantic feeling," and I adored how there was outdoor seating. In Hawaii, you gotta love open-air restaurants! It gives a very casual and comfortable feeling, and you want to stay there all night....except you realize your parking meter is almost up!

Food? I wouldn't make the trip to Waikiki just for the food. It's a perfect spot for a date, or to relax with friends, but the food was just okay. We only tried about 3 (tapa/izakaya-sized) dishes, which ranged from $9-13. Pretty pricey I thought. I plan to try more dishes next time I make it there. I also plan to try their Green Tea Parfait, which they said took too long to make! I was appalled! So...I guess next time. Boo. Good drinks though- I thoroughly enjoyed my "Sensitive Richie" (a bunch of fruity juices with sake), and from 6-8pm, it was half off! Awesome!

Bottom- Shop before you drink!

Stairs to restaurant.

My favorite dish- Pumpkin with Bacon!
Love the sweet/salty combo.

Mentaiko Mayo Pasta- interesting, but plain.

Finding the place and leaving the place was an adventure in itself!

Ending the night with an awesome Mcds Upside Down Ice Cream Cone! YUM!

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  1. I would have to agree... parking in Waikiki is ridiculous. This place looks uber cool, though. Retail therapy and food all in one place!

    xx Love & Aloha