Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goma Tei (Victoria Ward location)

Now, you all know I'm a ramen-lover. I could eat ramen all day, every day. My favorites include TenkaippinTon Ton RamenRai Rai Ramen, and of course, Yotteko-Ya.

Today, though, I strayed from my favorites and decided on Goma Tei with some friends. Having been in the Ward area for some earlier errands, I wanted ramen and I wanted something close by. Goma Tei was it!  They also have another location in Ala Moana Shopping Center on the bottom level by the food court. I prefer the Ward location just because parking is better and I think it's less busy. I'm all about conveniency!

So what's good here? For all the times I've come here, I've always had their specialty, Tan Tan ramen, a Japanese soup broth with spicy sesame flavor. Just remember that if you're not a spicy food fan like I am, then ask for "mild," or "no spice." There are various Tan Tan's that you can order, for example, the regular Tan Tan, Chashu Tan Tan, Wakame Tan Tan (with shoyu egg), Vegetable Tan Tan, Chicken Tan Tan etc. If you are looking for something other than Tan Tan, you can order the Shoyu Ramen, Wakame Shoyu Ramen, Chicken Shoyu, Tonkatsu Shoyu OR if you don't want ramen, try their Curry Rice, Katsu Curry Rice, Curry Noodle or Katsu Curry Noodle. Wow, so many choices!!!!! Plus, they have side orders of gyoza, 2 types of chicken dishes or shumai.

What I really missed on the menu was fried rice and Ramen with Menma (bamboo shoots). No menma?! How can!? This is strictly a ramen and meat kinda place, with the occasional Curry Rice combo. Don't come here hungry for fried rice though. You'll find no such thing on this menu.

My friends, Allen and Brian also ordered the Chicken Tatsutaage, which seemed like a regular fried chicken plate, but I've heard really good things about it. Didn't try it, since I'm not a big fried chicken kinda girl. Oh well! I did try the gyoza though, which was decent. I still prefer Rai Rai Ramen's gyoza.

I'll leave you with this though- A huge benefit of coming here? $2.89 Kirin Draft beer ALL DAY. How can you beat that?!

Chicken Tatsutaage

My Chasiu Tan Tan with side Shoyu Egg

Allen's Katsu Curry with rice


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  1. I love that place!!! Although, it kinda gets crowded pretty fast. Good call on the curry! That's what I get all the time.