Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hinone Mizunone

After weeks of my dad raving about his new lunch place, I was finally able to give it a try. I was very excited to try it and was hoping it would live up to Dad's hype. Verdict? It did. It didn't knock any of my lunch time favorites off their top spots, but I wouldn't mind going again. I was jonesing for some udon and saw it on the menu, but knew I'd better go with the Miso Butterfish Teishoku. Nothing can be better than Jimbo's Udon!! Btw, "Teishoku" means that the entree is served with rice, miso soup, two side dishes and pickles. It is a great value for lunch- comes with butterfish and all of the extra dishes, so you are sure not to be hungry after. You walk out feeling content, but not stuffed. I assume that's the Japanese' secret to staying thin and healthy.

Miso Butterfish dish was moist and tasty. I just wish it was a bit bigger! I could have eaten more. Also, mom and dad have come a number of times, and swear by the rice. Apparently they say it is more fluffy, and can't get enough of it. By the time they finish their meal, they realize they have eaten all of their rice! And trust me, Hinone Mizunone does not skimp on their rice. Comes in a big bowl- bigger than 99% of all Japanese places. I like that! For me though, taste-wise, I didn't notice anything different. Rice is rice to me!

Parking lot is small. I'd say about 10 stalls, plus there's street parking around the restaurant.

On King Street and Keeaumoku Street, across Cosmos Car Wash

Reasonable prices!

Water jug, napkins and suggestion sheets on table.
I love it! I am always needing more napkins!

Dad had curry. He said it was good, would definitely order it again.

My Miso Butterfish Teishoku!
A lot of food for a great price! 

Mom ordered Tempura Udon, which I had a taste of, lucky me!
It was good, and the dashi had that smoky taste that Jimbo's broth has.
I love! 

Bathrooms located OUTSIDE restaurant.

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