Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Night

All I'm going to say about "Vday" as I like to call it, is that it was nothing short of perfection.

Dinner was reserved for Soul De Cuba in the heart of downtown on Bethel Street, right across from the Hawaii Theatre. We only had 2 dishes which was more than enough for both of us to share. I picked their famous "Beef Empanadas," which were tasty, light and flaky. It was filled with beef and mushrooms and also something sweet we couldn't put our finger on. I rate it a B+. Our main and most outstanding dish was this Oxtail entree. IT WAS DELICIOUS. It was the most tender and juicy Oxtail I have ever had. I would go back JUST for this! The dish came displayed with 2 oxtail on a bed of rice with all the juice soaked in at the bottom, with a side of black beans and 2 pieces of plantains. It was heaven! A definite MUST-TRY.

Oh, I also forgot to add that their Mojitos are supposedly "the best on the island," so of course, as a Mojito-lover, I had to try it! I must say I do love Ichiriki Loft's Lychee Mojitos, but Soul De Cubas' Mojitos were just as refreshing. It had the right balance of sweet, minty and fizzy. What's an added bonus is you can also order a Mojito PITCHER for as many as 6 people! As someone once said to me, "sounds like trouble." Haha! I also saw many people ordering Sangria, which I really want to try next time! I'll definitely be back!

Me, Mojito in hand, and the Beef Empanadas

The best Oxtail

A close-up of the Beef Empanadas

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