Monday, February 7, 2011

Cafe Kaila

I had lunch with the wonderful Summer this afternoon. Isn't that a great name? I mean, when you think of summertime, doesn't it bring back pleasant memories?

Adjectives that describe summer (my friend Summer or summertime, in general): blissful, colorful, hot, spiritful, playful, sweaty, warm, bright, sizzling, carefree, breezy, relaxing...

Anyway, she was my photog and lunch partner today. She had never ate at Cafe Kaila before, and knowing her, she loves her breakfast/brunch food. This is the perfect place for that! Thankfully, this little, cute eaterie was pleasantly not as crowded as I had thought it would be. (You usually have to wait at least 15-20 mins.) We were seated immediately at a table for two that just seemed to be waiting for us. All other tables were taken. After scanning the menu, we both decided on what we were going to devour.

Soup of the Day: Crab Soup (tastes like corn chowder with crab)

Crab Sandwich Special- Crab patty, tomato, lettuce, mayo spread on toasted croissant!

Penne Pasta with Pesto

All of the food could barely fit on our table!

Saved the best for last!
Cinnamon French Toast- one of their MUST-HAVES

This was my second time at Cafe Kaila. I have to say, A+. I have never eaten anything I did not like here. I've also tried friends' food, and it's all been tasty and delicious. I've read all Yelp reviews on this place, and trust me and those Yelpers, you MUST order at least one of the following: French Toast, Pancakes or Waffles. I've heard the waffles are the best on the island. Must try next time.
These people know good brunch food, I'm telling ya!

And of course, the fashion portion of this post. I love this outfit for it's flirty and feminine touch. Again, without me even realizing it, I put together yet another stripes + floral combo. It's my favorite "go-to" of the moment!

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