Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life is a Carnival

Malasada (sugary donut goodness)

This weekend was purely devoted to the Punahou Carnival. It felt great to not only be back on my good 'ol HS campus, but also eat the delicious food! You can never have enough Gyros! Malasadas! Portuguese Bean Soup! Or May's Teriburgers!!! This year I did it all (face painting, rocked my haku lei, spent over $70 bucks on EK Fernandez games) and definitely ATE it all.

And the best thing? IT DID NOT RAIN!!! Second year in a row, baby. We're on a roll!

Beautiful SUNNY day!!!

60 bucks worth of scrip= BRING IT ON, FOOD

Portuguese Bean Soup- one of my faves

White Elephant

This USED to be one of my favorite games...

Ring Toss

I can't believe I only had this refreshing lemonade THIS year!

Not as good as Haagen Dazs.......but it'll do

GYROS!!!!! no onions

First Malasada of Punahou Carnival 2011!

"We'll take 3 Hawaiian plates, please!"

Second day of carnival- HAWAIIAN PLATE

"Even after you're done with school here, they still got you pulling out your money"
Yes, yes they definitely do.


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Strawberrysaurus Smoothie (Carnival Theme was "Land Before Time")

Maki Sushi




  1. hhahahaha gyros
    well its the first time i see someone non greek appreciate it so much

    well i got to say though, i am a little bit bored of it :/

  2. thanks for your comment! i only really eat it once a year at this carnival, so i cherish it!!

  3. I haven't been to carnival just to "go" for years! I was there this year as a volunteer on the malasada batter making team.