Monday, February 21, 2011

I heart Roy's

I've always loved Roy's, and it's always a treat to go there for a special occasion or a party. We always have the usual short ribs, meatloaf or Opah. Those are always great choices, but these dishes that I will list, are my absolute favorites.

Frying Dragon Roll! My favorite!!!

A close-up of Frying Dragon- Unagi, Mac nuts, Roy's Butterfish. Crunchy and delicious!!!

A trio of Hamachi, Salmon, Maguro. Each with a shiso leaf- minty and refreshing!

Hamachi Crudo- another delicious dish.
So tender it melts in your mouth!

Salmon Dynamite Roll

Triple Play Roll- Hamachi, Smoked Salmon with Shrimp Tempura

I also have to add that ALL of the sauces for the dishes are AMAZING. They all have such depth and really compliment the main dish well.

Next up, FASHION!
I am such a big fan of stripes, and as you can see from previous posts, I always seem to pick up a striped top, jacket or skirt!

I love the balance of this outfit- the loose flowy top pairs nicely with a body-hugging skirt.

My headless dog