Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alan Wong's

I had a big business dinner with some of my dad's bosses on Wednesday. Lucky me, we got to eat at the prestigious Alan Wong's! I haven't gone in ages, but it was for sure a treat! Yes, they did lose our reservation of 10, but they were quick to work out the logistics and sit us down in a short 5 minutes! Really great service. And the food, ohhhh the food! Who can complain!? Everything was tasty, rich and delicious and we all walked out a little tipsy. Good night to bond with big bosses!

Poke Pines- crispy wonton poke

Crab Cakes! (I don't usually like crab cakes, but these were tasty.
The crab wasn't overpowered by any of the other ingredients)

Caesar Salad (I recommend this. Caesar with a parmesan shell, anchovies, and kalua pig!)

"Da Bag"- a must have appetizer!

Popping "Da Bag"

Inside "Da Bag"- clams, kalua pig, romatoes, spinach, mushrooms

A closer look at my Caesar Salad- you can see the hidden treasure, Kalua Pig!

Another delicious appetizer- tempura ahi. This was my favorite.

Twice cooked short ribs. Nice texture, good sauce.

Dessert! A broken-down Cheesecake called "The Naked Cow"
Graham Crackers, Cheesecake, Vanilla Ice cream, Cranberry Chutney, and Lihing Strawberries!!!

Pineapple Shave Ice- tasty and light!

Tapioca. One of my least favorites, but other people enjoyed it!

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