Friday, February 25, 2011

Can't Forget My Favorites

One of my passions is finding new places to eat at and trying their most highly-rated dishes. But, then there are the places I frequent regularly, and of course can't leave out of my blog! Therefore, I'm dedicating this one to Serg's, one of my favorite lunch places! Now you have to know that Mexican food is not high on my 'favorite foods list,' but Serg's is one of a kind. They serve traditional Mexican style food- the owner himself is from Mexico City! They are located in Manoa in what looks like an old gas station. Most of you that went to school in the Manoa area, might have frequented Boston's Pizza when you were younger, and this is exactly where Serg's is located now. They share the lot with Boston's Pizza and also Le Crepe Cafe. However much I love Crepes, I can never get myself to stray from Serg's!

So far, I've tried their Horchata, which is a traditional rice drink flavored with almonds, cinnamon, lime zest, and sugar. It has a milky appearance, but it totally dairy-free. Perfect for you lactose-intolerants out there. Next, which is highly-rated on Yelp, their Beef Flauta! OMG, to me, it is like a huge, crunchy beef taquito smothered with queso fresco (a mild cheese), their green sauce, sour cream and parsley. This is my absolute favorite.

Lastly, I've tried the Al Pastor Burrito (marinated pork burrito), which is also a hit from Yelpers. That day was the last day I have ever strayed from my beloved Beef Flauta. Although the Al Pastor Burrito was delicious and moist, the Beef Flauta is a must-have.

From that day on, my usual order has always been a Beef Flauta and a Horchata!

(PS- They just opened a new location in Waimanalo next to Keneke's, so if you're ever in that area and in need of delicious Mexican food and a refreshing Horchata, you know where to go!)

Refreshing Horchata on a hot day in Honolulu

THE Beef Flauta

Close-up of the Beef Flauta

Al Pastor Burrito

Al Pastor Burrito

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