Friday, February 18, 2011

Hamura's on Kauai

If you are on Kauai, you must eat Hamura's Saimin, no matter if it is sweltering hot or what. Hamura's Saimin is located in Lihue, and is definitely a cheap eat for all the food you get. It really is a value. Two days in a row, both Dad and I couldn't finish our saimins! They are also known for their Lilikoi Pie and also their BBQ Chicken sticks! Everyone, and I mean, everyone, orders a saimin with a side or two of chicken sticks. Another hit- their manapua! The last day we were there, people stopped by just to order dozens of manapua to go. We had to try, so we bought 3 to take home. Thank god we had ordered it early, because by 12 noon, there were only 4 left!! That is how popular it is!

Won Ton Saimin with extra egg, no onion

Ready to EAT!

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