Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Having come here once or twice years ago, I knew I had to come back. Kohnotori popped into my head a day or two ago, and I was immediately reminded of the ono Bacon-wrapped Enoki Mushrooms. This is probably one of their most popular items.

BUT, before I get into the food, here is some background info. It is a small restaurant next to Imanas-Tei on King Street by the 7-11. Kohnotori is all Izakaya/Robata so most of the food comes in small dishes or on skewers. You might think you'll walk out hungry, but if you order enough small dishes, you will walk out more than satisfied. Be careful though, all those small dishes add up!

Another thing- Parking. I have to say I'd probably come here more often if the place wasn't always so packed (people are always waiting outside either restaurant) and parking wasn't such a nightmare. Kohnotori and Imanas-Tei both share a tiny, and I mean TINY lot, which is also very tight. It probably holds about 8-10 cars, but you have to squeeze in and out of it. I recommend finding street parking and always making a reservation. Those are the best options.

Here we go with the food...!

Check off what you want, quantity and if you'd like Teriyaki style or with Salt.
Quantity 1 means 1 skewer stick, not one order.

Let's do this!

Popping the Ramune bottle! (Also in front of me is the refreshing Daikon Salad!)

Shochu Ramune!

Daikon Salad- a popular dish of grated daikon with ume/vinegar dressing.
Very refreshing. We ordered TWO!

Fried Cheese- good, but I could feel my arteries getting clogged by the second

Tofu with Nametake Mushrooms- MY FAVORITE to the Left
Cold Tofu (with bonito, ginger and onions) to the Right- I'd say too much Bonito flakes, but overall, a decent dish.

Sausage Skewer- came with 3 to a skewer, but oops, we ate 2 already!

Tsukune (Chicken meatball) and Chicken Thigh- decent. We actually didn't order these,
but they gave it to us anyway,
and didn't charge us! Wooo!

Rice Ball with Cod Roe

I was very ungraceful when splitting open the inside of this rice ball.
(Only chopsticks in this joint!)
Cod Roe on the inside. I'd definitely get this again. A salty inside to the rice/nori outside. If you like Tobiko and
Ikura, you will definitely like this!

Tsukune, Chicken thigh, and bottom right is chicken with daikon in ponzu.
The ponzu really added some juice to usual bland white meat chicken breast.

One of my favorites- Chicken with Shiso. If you like minty, this is a great dish.
Chicken can be dry and bland, but the Shiso really added a kick of taste.
I might be bias since I LOVE Shiso, but this is a winner.

Bacon-wrapped tomatos and bacon-wrapped enoki!

Bacon-wrapped mochi! This is not on the menu, so you need to add it to your menu slip yourself

Bacon-wrapped Asparagus

Baked Onigiri with Miso- Crispy rice with Miso? Can't get any better than that!

My friend wanted to try this- Chicken thigh with Onions. He said it was tasty,
but if you've seen from my pictures, I'm not a huge fan of onions.

It was a little gray and rainy tonight...


  1. OH MY GOD, the food looks awesome.. I never ate here before but I think I am now!! You always have the cutest of outfits!! :)

  2. thank you jackie!!! really appreciate it! but really, i love YOUR style. i am a serious f21 fanatic like you too!! good fashion and good deals right?!

    and yesss, go to kohnotori!!! go on an off-day bc it can get pretty crowded, and like i said, parking is ridiculous, so find street parking. let me know what you think!!