Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shirokiya Udon

Loaded with lots of crispy udon chips too!

Usually when I go to Shirokiya, I easily spend $30 on myself, alone! If you go while starving, it's even worse. Everything looks delicious, plus you have an unlimited amount of choices. Such a bad combo!

That's why, when I went back to Shirokiya last week after work, I was so pleasantly surprised to be filled up on a $6.50 Beef Udon. Not only cheap, but SO tasty. Where else in Shirokiya is anything that reasonable?! I was hooked. Instantly.

Wish I took a picture of the menu (but will go back and update this soon!), but trust me, everything was very reasonably-priced. There's also donburi (rice bowls) on the menu, and a variety of different tempura to choose from and satisfy your taste buds!

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