Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Roy's Waikiki

Wait til you poke this thing open. Oozing Chocolate.

I finally had the chance to make it to the Roy's in Waikiki. Read my posts on Roy's Hawaii Kai here, here and here. We had some guests in town that were staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Throughout their time here (they've visited a few times before), they have come to love the service and food at Roy's.

Having grew up at the Roy's in Hawaii Kai (flagship), it was definitely a treat and a much different atmosphere to dine at their restaurant in Waikiki. Hawaii Kai shows stark differences. You will, of course, find a much more local crowd at the HK location, and they also close down much earlier. At Roy's Waikiki, the restaurant is huge! There are still outside and inside seating, plus room after room with tables. Not to mention, our party closed down the place. We arrived around 8:45pm (arriving at this time is late in HK), and stayed way past 11pm. Since there are a lot of out-of-towners staying in this area, they must be quite used to the late eaters.

Similarities? Consistency and Service. Food is always great whether you dine at the HK location or in Waikiki. And service.....can you get better service elsewhere?! I think not! The staff is always the most pleasant and the most attentive. They're on their game.

Here's just a tidbit of what we had to chow down on that night.

Roy's Canoe Sampler. 4 orders for 6 people. A LOT of food.

Dragon Special at Roy's Waikiki...two plates of these! YUM! But spicy!

I couldn't make up my mind between three different entreés. Our waiter told me to pick two. I picked one with Tai (Snapper) and the other with U-10 Scallops. To my surprise, when dinner arrived, my plate came with half Tai and half Scallops! Tai was made with what seemed like a light pancake battered exterior and a pesto risotto. The scallops on the other hand, were made with a Foie Gras sauce and goat cheese with a cranberry topping. Both were amazing. So impressed with the service here. They really aim to please here. And it shows.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake! Delectable Ala Modé.

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