Friday, September 28, 2012

Sushi ii

A lot of you may think it's pronounced "Sushi Two," but I kid you not, it's really "Sushi eee." At least that's what my cousin, Kory, told me. You learn something new everyday, eh?

Anyway, I came here with Brian, my good friend, Kelley, and her bf. We were so excited for some good eats! I had just came back home from an 11 day trip in the Midwest and East Coast, so I couldn't wait for some delicious Japanese food and sushi!! Turns out, I will stick to my beloved Tokkuri-Tei! No place can outdo its amazing fresh fish, prices, and sushi chefs!

Now, for Sushi ii, you must make reservations. Very small place, and all tables were taken when we arrived. Park in Samsung Plaza where the restaurant is located and get validation for free parking. Samsung Plaza also houses Sikdorak and the newly-opened Raging Crab.

I would highly recommend ordering their Unagi and Toro, both of which were extremely tender and melt-in-your-mouth divine. I have to admit that their Unagi was the best I've ever tasted. How do they make it so tender? I guess it was worth the $12 for two nigiri pieces!

And that's the thing with Sushi ii- it ain't cheap! Our total bill came out to over $300 for 4 people! Kelley and her bf did order the Omakase sushi set (which was Market Price), and they couldn't even finish everything. When we thought we were finished eating, the Sushi Chef brought them another plate of nigiri. Couldn't believe it!

As for the other items we ordered, nothing stands out. I say if you are willing to spend the bucks on fresh fish, go here. But if you want a fantastic dining experience you will never forget with amazing fresh fish and every dish leaving you wanting more, then you need to go to Tokkuri-Tei instead.

Take a look at the prices! Wowza.
Hirame Carpaccio with Truffle Ponzu- This dish was worth mentioning. I recommend this as well. It's a Special! $24

Lamb Lollipops $18 for 4 pieces

Salt and Pepper Kalbi

Pork Belly Wrapped Asparagus

Our plate- One order Toro, one order Ikura and a California Roll (for Brian)

Crispy Fried Shrimp- very bland

Two orders of Unagi!

Kelley and Sean's first plate of their Omakase

Kelley and Sean's second plate of Omakase. Yep, that's Amaebi with a swipe of Crab Miso (Crab Brains)

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