Sunday, September 16, 2012

11 Days, 6 Cities, 1 Well-Fed FFF-- This post, Chicago

Yep, you saw right! I just came back from an eleven day trip filled with business, pleasure, and of course, LOTS of food adventures! Brace yourself, these next few posts will have a ton of pictures from a handful of places- a little town in Chicago called Lisle, some food and drink from Washington DC, and then my favorite part of the trip- the big shebang in NYC. The latter part of the trip included my last business trip to Dallas, Texas where we enjoyed seafood, steak, lots of margaritas and even your fair share of mosquitoes with West Nile Virus! Thankfully, none of us came back with any bites. Phew!

Lastly, we had a stopover at SFO and ate some deliciously-warm Clam Chowder in a bread bowl from Boudin's. Stopping in SF is always bittersweet. After living in SF for 4 years, I can definitely say that I left my heart in San Francisco. It was a nice way to end a long journey.

Did I mention I had the pleasure of having 3 different Lobster Bisques (two in Chicago and one in Dallas), and also fresh Oysters in 3 different cities (Chicago, NYC and Dallas)! That's 9 different kinds of Oysters in total. Blessed.

Stay tuned for some exciting new posts on DC, NYC and Dallas! Plus, I have a surprise on the next post. You will love it, folks!


United Club

Best part of the Chicago O'Hare Airport

Windy City Limo here to pick us up!

Every hotel room I was on during this whole trip was set to 65 or 68 degrees F! I immediately turned it up 74 degrees!
First night out- dinner with Dad at Bob Chinn's 34th Street Fishery!

Hot, fresh garlic bread to start! Ask for more, and your wish is granted!

Clam Chowder

Delicious Lobster Bisque

Thankful for lots of napkins at your fingertips. No need to ask. I hate when restaurants give you one napkin because I'm always asking for more more more! Plus, who wants shrimpy fingers after peeling shrimp?!

Dad ordered Halibut cooked Oriental Style. After one bite, I wish I had ordered what he had! So much flavor and the most tender-cooked Halibut.

Peel N Eat Garlic Shrimp. I think I was hoping it would be like Giovanni's, but it definitely was not. Wishful thinking. Plus, peeling that whole bowl of shrimp was not what I had imagined when starving.

Frog Legs!?!?!?!

I just HAD to try this! "The Original World Famous Maitai" Chicago?! I have to admit it was pretty decent. Had me feeling a bit tipsy!

Our second night out was at Catch 35 for a work dinner. Known for their fresh seafood!

Fresh Fish!

3 dfferent kinds of Fresh Oysters!


Asparagus Tempura

The first Lobster Bisque of the trip!

Scallops, Shrimp Risotto, truffle oil!

Blonde Russian for a nightcap.

Early morning breakfast before the meeting!


  1. I live through you! What an amazing 6 days you had, travel and good food and company, what more can a girl ask for? And you looked sooo fabulous doing it all <3