Monday, October 1, 2012

Shabu Shabu King

I really love Sweet Home Cafe, but like I said in previous posts, if you don't go early, you will wait in line for awhile. Last Friday, we had no time to go early, so we went around 830pm thinking it wouldn't be too bad. Well, of course, there were lines- one for each storefront. Where else could you get Shabu Shabu in the same area? Right down the street of course! Park in the Sushi King/Glazer's parking lot and Shabu Shabu King is located a few doors down from both restaurants.

We walked in and were promptly seated. No wait, but it wasn't like there were no other parties in there eating. They only a couple tables open. We sat down and decided on Tonkotsu broth, 2 beef plates, 1 chicken and 1 pork plate. The refrigerators were fully stocked and looked just like Sweet Home Cafe's. Sauces looked reminiscently the same as well. At the end of the meal, we were brought a complimentary Shave Ice too! Only difference? Broths are good, sauces are good, shave ice good, but they don't competitively rival the bursting flavors you find at Sweet Home. Sweet Home, I have to give it to you, you got it down pat!

The best things about Shabu Shabu King? For one, they don't charge for rice. And for Brian, that's a winner in his book hands down already. Second, price. I know that throughout the years, Sweet Home has changed some things around and started charging for 2 soup prices even if you half it. If I remember, they didn't used to charge for rice either!

Service is great at both places. Only difference here is that while we all know how aggressive and loud Sweet Home Cafe's staff is, Shabu Shabu King definitely leaves you alone and the place is overall, much more quiet. 

Other than that, in my opinion, if I have the time to go early to Sweet Home Cafe, I would go there over Shabu Shabu King. I think the taste just wasn't there for Shabu Shabu King. It is a good alternative though!

Watercress, fishcake, tripe, mini shrimp gyoza

Mushrooms added with Bok Choy

From bottom up: Fried Garlic Sauce, Homemade Sauce, Sesame Sauce- Sesame Sauce the best!

End of dinner complimentary dessert for two!

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