Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day Two of NYC

My last day in NYC was the best yet. I got all of the tourist-y things out of the way on Day One (check out the 2 videos I was excited to announce and post!). Finally a bit rested (I slept in til 10am!), I called my good friend and high school classmate, Tai, who now lives in the city, to plan our day. We started out with lunch at S'MAC, which was on my list and also a favorite of Tai's, and then traveled to the East and West Village. It was quite the day. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and so glad to be away from the overwhelming, crazy city of Midtown and Times Square. I had never enjoyed NYC before- it was just too fast for my liking. However, my feelings quickly changed once I stepped foot in the East Village. This was what the real NYC was all about! I likened it to same feeling of Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. Then, we headed to the West Village and it reminded me of the Marina. I finally felt at home in this large city. And at some points throughout the day, I could see myself living there. In the West Village of course!

Did I mention I tried fresh Oysters for the first time too? Amazingly, I fell in love with Oysters. I have Tai to thank for that!

This post will include S'MAC, Agave, Jeffrey's Grocery, The Highline, Little Branch, and Bagel Maven. All in a day's worth!

To put it simply, it was an extraordinary day.

S'MAC- Sarita's Mac N Cheese in the East Village

S'MAC Sampler! This is worth trying for sure! My faves were Parisienne and 4 Cheese. Parisienne had figs, brie and mushrooms. How can you go wrong with that?! I loved the divinely-crispy crust on all!

The best lunch ever! Mac N Cheese and a Cream Soda!

Colin Huggins- the infamous Piano guy who plays in Washington Square Park!

I adore this picture


The infamous Bird Guy (standing up). He can tell you who's the father of who and what birds are relatives of each other.

The ONLY shopping I did in NYC.

Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City.

Agave for some alcoholic refreshments

This was amazing! Sangria Margarita! Frozen Margarita topped with Sangria. Only in NYC!

Sangria Margarita and Dos Equis Margarita (Frozen Margarita topped with Dos Equis)!!

Round Two- Dos Equis Marg and a Watermelon Fresca

Next up- Jeffrey's Grocery, an oyster bar!
Framboise and Prosecco
Arrived around 445pm

Next time, I will try their popular Lobster Spaghetti!

"Before" face! First time trying fresh oysters and fresh clams.

"After" face! I'M IN LOVE! Didn't care much for the fresh clams though...

The Highline at night

A little unassuming lounge called Little Branch. It's an unmarked "Speakeasy" style place. You have to be "in the know" to know how to find this place. It's just a random door on a big street in the West Village. Open the door, walk down the stairs and enjoy the knowledgeable bartenders there to serve you. I originally ordered a Mulled Cider- Hot Apple Cider, Spices, and your choice of Rum, Whiskey or Applejack, but they were out of hot drinks that night! So disappointed, though they made my drink special and customized- Gin and muddled Blackberries! Delicious! Tai had an Old-Fashioned- Bourbon and Agnostura Bitters with a crushed sugar cube and served with a chunk of ice, orange and lemon twists in a whiskey glass.

Bagel Maven while waiting for my 4 hour Vamoose Bus Ride back to DC. Check out all the toppings you can have on a variety of bagels!! I heard many people ordering an "Everything Bagel!" Maybe I'll try that when I'm back!

3 flavors of cream cheese- Veggie, Chives and Lox N Bagels

It hit the spot! Lox N Bagels on a sesame bagel for a late lunch.

 Stay tuned for the last part of my trip up next! Dallas!


  1. Hey Kim! Glad you had so much fun in NYC, wish I was there at the same time...I live a block from Washington Sq Park/the piano guy, so that would have been perfect ^_^ TIll next time!!

  2. Wow, Kim, I only just now was able to check out tis NYC report. Amazing. S'mac does any gluten free mac combos?