Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KCC Tuesday Evening Farmer's Market Sept Edition UPDATED!

Chef Micah Rodriguez's Hui in the Pot's fresh Opah plate! $10

It seems like my parents and I have made Tuesdays at the KCC Farmer's Market a tradition. If the weather is nice (and it usually is), then it is such a nice market to go to. Fresh fruits and veggies galore, and the most beautiful, fragrant light pink-colored ginger! 

Plus, we love Chef Hardy's stand! He always has the most delicious food at the most reasonable prices. He is always the least expensive vendor there no doubt. All dishes range from $4-6. Unbelievable. And unbelievably-delicious. You will not regret it! Btw, Chef Hardy is the Chef at Michel's at the Colony Surf...what great advertising! We are already making plans to head to Michel's one day for dinner. He is at Michel's everyday except Tuesday, when he's here at the market.

I also found a new favorite. Hui in the Pot by Chef Micah Rodriguez. Now, I'm usually hesitant to buy pan-fried fish because usually it comes out dry and bland. But, not at Hui in the Pot!! I'm obsessed with their fish! Not to mention, all of their fish is FRESH, not frozen. This past Tuesday, it was a treat to have their Ginger Lemongrass-Crusted Opah with a white beur blanc sauce. Trust me here, every bite was so tender and moist, plus I couldn't get over the sweet potato mashed potatoes! Had a faint coconut milk flavor. I'm so obsessed with Hui in the Pot, I'm heading over to Blaisdell's HNL Farmer's Market today to order another Opah plate. Yes, it's that good.

Check out this weeks goods below! Original post here!

Chef Hardy's creations- Hawaiian Ahi and Abalone Poke in Abalone Shell, and 2 orders of Ahi Tartare Crunch!


Taking these gems home to store some jewelry!

3 Ladles Beef Barley Soup- $6

Hamakua Mushroom Pouch- $5, with mushrooms, roasted garlic, kale, julienned carrots, caramelized onions, secret herb butter and bread! The Kale soaks up the delicious herb butter and garlic. It's AMAZING. Use the side bread to soak up the last drips of sauce when you're finished.

Hui in the Pot's Opah. Also on the menu that day, Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi for $10 as well.

Hui in the Pot's Stuffed Mushroom. Look at the cheese on that thing! $8.50

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