Saturday, September 1, 2012

Aloha Bowls

Ali'i Bowl- Mixed Berries, Acaí, Bananas topped with Peaches, Raspberries, Honey and White Peach Sorbet. $9 Special of the Day!

You really don't know how extremely long I've been waiting to buy an Acaí Bowl from this truck. You don't know how elusive Aloha Bowls is! Their schedule changes on a daily basis, so you need to add them on Instagram to see where they are that day. Then, be ready to book it to the truck, because they sell out fast! And I don't mean fast, I mean FAST. I've probably missed them about 3-4 different times.

Anyway, I finally planned ahead and met them on Keeaumoku by Sorabol around 1130am. They had arrived and started there late that day (1030am)...phew! I met my friend Ryan there who is an active advocate of Aloha Bowls. He usually sees them after a nice, hot morning of surfing or he'll drive all the way to Volcanic Rock Gym in Waipio to rock-climb and then quench his thirst with an Aloha Bowl. Volcanic Rock Gym is usually where you can catch AB. But, I give Ryan credit.....the guy lives in Hawaii Kai!! Drives all the way to Waipio for them! Dedicated. And very loyal!

But, I can see why! Aloha Bowls definitely delivers on what they specialize in. Not only do they give A LOT of Acaí (much more than I could's a meal in itself!), but the finished product is almost too pretty to eat. Talk about "food porn," or "food as art." They are the definition of food art.

Only con? This isn't fast food, so don't expect to get in and out in record time. If they're busy (which they usually are), you will be waiting at least 15-20 minutes. But, just think, they're making your bowl as pretty as their pictures, so just be patient.

Manoa Bowl- This one has Kale and Spinach!

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