Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shirokiya's Seafood Hawaii @Pier 38

A bunch of my friends and I came here after a Birthday Celebration at Tanaka of Tokyo. We were thinking of just ordering Pitchers of either Bud, Kirin or Asahi from Yataimura Beer Garden, but to our surprise, we walked into a bunch of tables with Beer Towers on the other side of Shirokiya! Yep, that's what we wanted!!!

It's a better deal than the Pitchers at Yataimura. Each tower (100 oz) gives you around 6 glasses of 16oz beers.  Choose from Coors Light or Aloha Blonde for the tower, or Blue Moon by the glass. Beer Garden opens at 10am and goes til 10pm, but Happy Hour starts at 530pm!

Check out my post on Yataimura Beer Garden here.
Budlight $1 for glass, $4 pitcher
Kirin $2 for glass, $8 for pitcher
Asahi $3 for glass, $12 for pitcher

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