Friday, October 26, 2012


It's Halloween-weekend, and I'm sure most of you have carved your pumpkins or will do so soon. Last weekend, I went to Aloun Farm's Pumpkin Patch to pick my own pumpkin for the very first time, and it was quite an adventure to remember. Thought I'd walk away with just one pumpkin, but we walked away with 4! A good deal too....thirty dollars!

Here are some tips if you are heading down there:

1. It will be DIRTY. Red dirt everywhere. Do not wash your car beforehand and I can't stress this enough, WEAR SHOES.
2. Wear clothes you don't mind never wearing again. So, one of my favorite and oh-so comfy gray v-neck "weekend" tees was ruined after pumpkin sap dripped on it from the stem. I washed it, but it was a goner.
3. It is extremely hot. Bring water, sunscreen, hat, and an umbrella if you need.
4. There are lots of food booths, a blow-up bouncy castle and a mini pirate ship ride for the kids. Leonard's Malasadas is also there too!
5. Bring a wagon or wheelbarrow to lug your pumpkins! This is very important. You don't want to be carrying a gigantic pumpkin in the hot sun and trudging along in red dirt.
6. Head to the farther patches for the better pumpkins. If you don't go during the 1st weekend, you will need to walk a bit farther to find the big ones. We went during the second weekend, and there were a fair amount left. The BIG ones were sold. I have heard that the last weekend is the worst to go to, since most of the pumpkins are gone.
7. WET ONES! You will need these wipes before getting in your car.
8. There are only port-a-potties so "go" before heading to the patch.
9. Be careful when grabbing the stem of the pumpkin- there are mini thorns.
10. Pick from mini pumpkins, white "ghost" pumpkins, regular-size pumpkins and "Giant" pumpkins!

There are also Pick-Your-Own-Corn and Pick-Your-Own-Ewa Sweet Corn. I missed out since we went so close to closing, but it's a deal! Get a barrel, fill up as much as you can for only $10!!! Remember, go as soon as you can. The patch happens every weekend in October (for 3 weekends) and only from 8am-5pm.


PS- See below for tips on roasting pumpkin seeds!

A beautiful Sunflower field!

The first "perfect" pumpkin I saw!
Trust me, you will need this. Our "makeshift" wagon was a lifesaver.

This is why I recommend wearing shoes! And shoes that you don't mind never wearing again!

The one I finally chose!


The last, best part of the Pumpkin Patch. A place to wash hands and feet! But no soap, of course.

Carving done! It's a MUMMY!

Now, for the roasting of the pumpkin seeds!
We just wanted easy, salted seeds, but there were a number of recipes online using cinnamon, cheese or lemon zest as seasoning. You can really roast it any way you like!
1. When you are done taking your seeds out of the pumpkin, remove the stringy parts, wash and drain.
2. Preheat oven to 325.
3. Spread seeds on foiled baking sheet. Spray with PAM or oil. Make sure seeds are coated well.
4. Add your desired seasoning. We used sea salt. Make sure seeds are coated well with the seasoning.
5. Place baking sheet with seeds in oven for 45 minutes. You can occasionally stir seeds around if need be.
6. Take out and enjoy!

Sprinkle with sea salt!

Fresh, roasted Pumpkin Seeds!


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