Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pioneer Saloon

Monsarrat Ave is located in a cute, little neighborhood stock full of good eats, including Bogart's! Enter Pioneer Saloon. Located across the street from Bogart's, I have always been curious about this place. It has a very distinct look- reminds me of a saloon in those old Western movies with Clint Eastwood in a standoff with his guns out at his side. But then you walk in, and not only do they sell asian-local plate lunches, but also clothing and other knick-knacks. Quite interesting.

Onto the food. I ordered their Garlic Butterfish, but they were out of the Garlic, so I settled for their Miso Butterfish. Comes with either white rice, brown rice, mixed grains with beans or wakame shiso rice. B ordered their Shoyu Chicken. Pretty good deal- $8 for the chicken and $12 for the butterfish.

Taste? Butterfish was decent. I wasn't wowed. However, B's shoyu chicken was delicious! It was unexpected. B opened up the top and found that the chicken was on a bone. Then, he scraped some meat off with his fork, and realized it was literally falling off the bone! So extremely tender and very well-marinated. I secretly wished I had ordered what he had! And all that for eight bucks?! DEALS!

THAT'S what I'M going back for!

As for the rice, the mixed grains with beans was different. Very healthy, I assume. While eating, I opened up Yelp on my phone and saw all the hype on that Wakame Shiso rice. So, being the foodie I am, I went back up to the register and ordered a side order of Wakame Shiso rice. $2. TWO BUCKS FOR RICE?! Ok, this better be good. But, it was essentially just furikake on rice. Not even well-seasoned. Not worth $2. Get it with your meal if anything.

My suggestion? Order their Shoyu Chicken with white rice and you'll be a happy camper. Trust me.

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