Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Purple Crochet and a Vintage Asymmetrical Skirt

My new favorite color might just be purple! I'm so in love with my new, richly-colored purple Bamboo Sky chiffon tie top I just picked up! Not to mention, the peekaboo crochet on the back of it. Such a sexy combination! I paired it with an oldie-but-goodie Bamboo Sky asymmetrical skirt that I had bought (and not worn) a long time ago. The skirt looks so different at varying angles! Very refreshing and unique! I love picking old items out of my closet and finding a new love for them! It's like going shopping, but not spending a dime!

I'm also so glad I invested in these metallic, spiked Sam Edelman's. They were worth every cent! I wear them over and over, and continually surprise myself with how many different outfits they go with. They literally go with everything. Every outfit can use a bit of rad metallic-a!

Ginger 13 necklace

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