Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Prints

I love the bold colors and print on my new Bamboo Sky skirt. I couldn't wait to wear it out! Just so happened that it was hanging next to what I like to call an "old/new" item. That means I bought it awhile back (old) but haven't had the chance to wear it yet (new). My light chiffon gray top with beaded accents seemed to go perfectly together, plus I love the different textures on each- beads and crochet. Very fun!!

Bamboo Sky top, skirt and stud earrings

Sam Edelman spiked heels


  1. I LOVE the Sam Edelman Lorissa's! I have the white snakeskin ones but I can't seem to bear the pain to wear them for extended periods of time! What's your secret? P.S. The skirt looks amazing on you, Kim! ;)

  2. kim you look frick'n smokin' in this outfit!!! holy crap! smokin'

  3. oh and your pics are getting better and better, you little blogger, you!