Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Asuka Japanese Nabe + Shabu Shabu

Asuka just recently opened up by Toys N Joys on Waialae Ave. Since I love Ichiriki 's nabe so much, I really wanted to see how this one would compare.

As Danny and I walked in, the place was simply decorated and very clean. I like the small booths for two people and then bigger booths for larger parties. Only problem with the smaller booths was that if you order a lot of sides, they will need to bring you a smaller fold-out table to fit everything.

I liked that the menu was large- so many options and soup bases I almost wanted to order everything!! Next time I'll go for the nabe, but this time, we went for their Shabu Shabu assortment.

Some things you should know:
1) Park in the Bank of Hawaii lot for $5 or across in the street for $0.75 per hour.
2) Asuka only takes reservations for 3 or more.
3) As of right now, Asuka is BYOB! 7-11 is just down the street- about a 30 second walk, so if you didn't bring anything, head there before.

Verdict? Like I said above, I really enjoyed the freedom to choose all kinds sides to put in our Sukiyaki. Plus, they have a number of tasty-sounding soup broths that I'd like to slowly try. Also, unlike Ichiriki, they don't charge you per person for the soup/set. For two people, our bill ($56) was relatively cheap with the amount of sides we ordered. I believe you get more food than Ichiriki. ONLY thing Ichiriki has over them.......ZOSUI. See that here.

Service was not too bad, servers were knowledgeable and I appreciated that in such a newly-opened place. Interior was also clean. They were out of their dessert, but hopefully they will have it when you go, and you can let me know how it is!

They were out of Lobster balls! BOOO.

No dessert when we were there. They would be getting it in a week or two.

Sesame, Ponzu, and Ginger sauces. I really liked the Ginger! Bottom line, though, the broths are so tasty that you don't need the extra sauces!

Cool sesame container

Our Waiter said the Sukiyaki and Spicy Umakara soup base were the most popular. We chose Sukiyaki, plus the Rib eye and Prawn set. No lobster balls, so we ordered their meatballs, clams, mixed mushroom plate, and a side order of Arabiki sausage (my fave!).

Your choice of this 5-grain mix rice or white rice. Get the 5-grain!!!

Our little side table for all of the extras!

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