Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raging Crab

Raging Crab is one of three seafood-in-a-bag joints. Kickin Kajun opened up a little before Raging Crab, however, Raging Crab has seemed to take over the competition in just a short amount of time. Then, there's Crab City in Kaimuki. If you're familiar with Hot N Juicy in Las Vegas or The Boiling Crab in LA, this is the same concept.

Located in Samsung Plaza doors down from Sikdorak, Raging Crab is literally raging with people. Jeff and I went on a Monday around 7:15pm-ish and it was pretty busy! Once it hit 8pm, there was a short wait.

I love the d├ęcor- typical seafood joint decked out in light wooden walls, fishing nets, buoys, glass fishing floats...almost reminds me of Bubba Gumps! There are even TVs throughout the large restaurant- perfect for your man, women! Trust me, though, I don't believe that they will be watching the TVs, since this place is very hands-on. Getting your hands dirty here is part of the process! Thankfully, there is a sink in the back to wash off.

For all you dainty ladies out there, there is just no way to be graceful when dining here. By the end of the meal, all 10 fingers were laced in red oil and bits of crab meat, and Jeff embarrassed by what I looked like, handed me a hand towel and told me to clean myself up! But hey, all foodies get a little messy sometimes. That's how you know we just love our food!

Things to know:
1. Don't forget to get your ticket validated. Validation at Raging Crab = free parking! If not, it's $5 per hour.
2. Not a good first date place. You get messy. Messy is actually an understatement! If you're not embarrassed, hey, could be a great icebreaker!!
3. Don't wear your favorite outfit. And definitely WEAR THE BIB. (Gloves are also an option).

Verdict? Would I come back? Jeff and I ordered the Captain's Special which includes fries, 2 bowls of rice, all seafood (plus your choice of Dungeness Crab or Lobster- we got the crab which was $10 more), 2 corns, and sausage. For two people, I think it was too little. Jeff was still a bit hungry (and I could have eaten more) after and we decided to get Bubbies for dessert. For me, $60 was pricey. If and when I go back, I will get the seafood ala carte instead of getting the Captain's Special. Plus, it came with about 3 or 4 crawfish, which we wasted. Not one of my favorites.

As for sauce, get "The Works." It is wonderfully tasty, and a bit on the spicy side!!! Beware, we ordered it mild, but for me, my mouth was on fire!

Good service!

Crawfish- definitely an acquired taste



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