Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kats Sushi

Who can deny All You Can Eat Sushi for $22.95 per person? Especially when the fish is fresh! I SURE CAN'T! So I had to try Kats Sushi.

Located on King Street, with it's own parking lot in the back of the Lexus Dealership, Kats is a very tiny restaurant. I would recommend highly calling ahead to make reservations even if it's just for two people. Street parking after 6pm is free and there's a lot of spaces around, or if you park in their lot, don't forget to slip $2 into the pay box before you eat.

I like Kats. Their menu is limited, but for 23 bucks, how can you complain!? There's only one sushi chef and one waitress, but sushi comes out surprisingly lightning fast! You also must eat everything you previously ordered in order to ask for more sushi. If you leave your rice or any sushi, you'll be charged!

House rules are pretty simple eh? Only one recommendation from me- take your time while you eat. Don't rush like I did and get full fast. Take advantage of the great deal on hand!

PS- it's BYOB. But if you're like me, I'd rather save all that stomach room for the sushi ;)

Now to the SUSHI! OISHII!

Spicy Ahi, Spicy Unagi, Hawaiian (Ahi, Avocado, Sprouts, Shiso), Ume, Spicy Hamachi

Ikura and Salmon Skin handrolls! Salmon Skin was one of my faves- very tasty combo with the sprouts and shiso leaf!

Salmon, Hamachi, Maguro, and Unagi

American Apparel tank, House of Aria lace bralette and necklaces, Asos leopard belt, Bamboo Sky neon skirt, Steve Madden booties!

Necklaces via House of Aria

Asos leopard belt, vintage gray cardigan

Necklaces via House of Aria


  1. I miss Kats! Used to go with my family all the time when I lived on Oahu. Great for the guys so they can eat their fill without breaking the bank. On Maui, we have Genki, Sansei and a few smaller places.

  2. Eeeps!! Dying for those necklaces. Looking fab, Kim... I'm coming there this weekend. Not sure what our schedule looks like yet, but if you and I both have some free time, let's grab some grub... even if it's just some macarons at La Tour or Shirokiyaaaaaaa! YUMS.

    xx Love & Aloha