Monday, July 23, 2012


Food Display outside of restaurant

Since Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin was about to close, some friends and I decided to try the new Kimukatsu. Opening only a few doors away from Moose Mcgillycuddy's in the Waikiki Joy Hotel on Lewers, once you walk in, it's a totally different vibe from the loud and noisy street. Calming, tranquil and slightly on the darker, more romantic side, we were one of the few locals it seemed.

I loved how they had a basket under the chairs to store your purse, and the place seemed really clean. The waiters seemed knowledgeable on the katsu, but all spoke with a Japanese accent.

I don't know if I would go back (it was expensive for small katsu!), but it was definitely worth tasting a different take on Katsu. For me, regular katsu is on the boring side, so I loved the different toppings and sauces to choose from.

Forgot to mention earlier, but Kimukatsu is not only different in their different sauces and toppings, but the Katsu is extra juicy and tender from the 25 layers of thin pork cutlet strips. Now, this, is what people come here to try!

Some details you should know:
1. Original, Cheese and Black Pepper Katsu are all $19 each.
2. Special Katsu: Demi-Glace Cheese, Nanban (topped with tartar sauce), and Okonomiyaki are $22 each.
3. Value Combos: 3 flavors for 2 people $39, 4 flavors for 3 people $52, 5 flavors for 4 people $64, and 6 flavors for 5 people $76. The Rice set is not included in any of these combos.

PS- We parked in the Royal Hawaiian and walked over. Get your ticket validated at Starbucks or the ABC store before you leave! SHHH!

See the baskets under the tables for your belongings?

Unlimited Shredded Cabbage with sauce- their version of salad

Rice is ala carte for the value combos- You can order a $4 rice set. Set includes Rice, Miso Soup and Japanese Pickle. Order the rice early, because it is all made to order and takes 15 minutes. Very fresh!

Original, Okonomiyaki and Demi-Glace Cheese

Black Pepper Katsu

I thought the Original Katsu was too bland, so we ordered the Garlic Butter sauce to go with it! Other sauces include Ume Shiso Ponzu, Salt and Spring Onion, Grated Daikon, Yuzu and Ponzu.

25 layers

Japanese Panna Cotta with Kinako! I tried a spoonful, and it was deliciously creamy and tasty with the Kinako. If you like Kinako, you should definitely get this!

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