Friday, July 13, 2012

Ikemen Dip Ramen

Remember when I was all about Shirokiya's Ramen Festival? You know the saying "you are what you eat?" Well, I think I almost turned into ramen, so I had to calm down.

However, after reading an article in the paper about Ikemen's Dip Ramen- something new and exciting at Shirokiya, I just had to stop by. And then when I read the menu item names, I was even more ecstatic! I had planned (in my head) on trying the rest of the menu in the next days to come.

When my number was called, I walked up and they were burning a mini marshmallow on a stick and dropped it in my soup broth. I thought, "Wow!! Nice presentation!!! I'm gonna like this!"

I sat down and was eager to dip into my Ghost Buster Ramen (no pun intended). What a letdown!!! I was given a heaping order of dry ramen noodles and a little bowl (miso soup size) of my truffle oil marshmallow broth with mushrooms. The broth was deliciously rich, but room temp. It eventually got cold in roughly 5 minutes. Ideally, I wished it was served like traditional ramen- hot broth, noodles soaked in the tasty broth, noodles al dente. But in this case, it was definitely different. I'm glad I had tried it, but my plans for trying the rest of the menu flew out the window.

I think I'll stick to my traditional ramen.

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