Monday, July 30, 2012

Cafe Duck Butt UPDATED!

I absolutely love Duck Butt's flavored soju. They taste so good, but are oh-so deadly!!! I had the chance to try some new flavors this time- Latté, Peach, and Fuji Apple. My favorites so far are Latté, Yogurt and Fuji Apple. Go give 'em a try! Thankfully, we had some food to soak up all that alcohol!

Latté (tastes like McDonald's Iced Coffee), Yogurt and Peach Soju!

Fuji Apple with fresh-cut fuji slices! Tastes like Apple Juice.

Mochiko Chicken with furikake and Ddukbokki (Spicy Mochi Stir Fry).

One of the best Mochiko Chicken ever! So tender and tasty, and I love the furikake sprinkle on top.

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