Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sushi Izakaya Shinn

 I'm a sushi snob- yep I admitted it. If you asked me one food I would eat everyday, it would without a doubt be sushi.

There have been posts on Kona Kai (still my number 1 choice), Gaku, Sushi Sasabune, and even Mitch's. Then, Shinn came up. Located next to Mini Garden on Beretania, you can either find street parking or park in their lot. Price is pretty steep, variety is plentiful, and the bar is large.

I came here excited to order the Special Sea Urchin Combo that I saw on Yelp's pictures. Uni Chawanmushi, Uni Beef Tataki, Uni Donburi, and Uni Tempura- all for $39!!! I was set on ordering this upon arrival. Disappointingly, what I wanted was a Special from months ago that they no longer served. Such a letdown!!

Instead, we sucked the bar dry of Kubota Manju......!

Quality of the fish is good, but plating is just gorgeous! See pictures below. The colors!! Again, I really wanted this place to be awesome, but it fell short. I still crave Kona Kai and Gaku. To me, Shinn is a decent Izakaya, though nothing stands out in my mind. They also don't have much clientele beyond the Japanese nationals that frequent this place. I felt like I was in Japan. I was impressed when I walked in- the interior is sleep and modern, service good.

Genki Jirushi- stir it all up, and eat it like a taco with nori strips. Delicious!


Beef Tataki

Beef Tongue Robata

Regular Sushi Set

Ribeye hot and steamy!


Miso Buttahfish!

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