Saturday, July 26, 2014


 Lately, I've been into Korean food- everything from Yakiniku to Cold Noodles to Kimchee and Makkoli. My go-to place? Budnamujip. Yep, it's that green building on Kapiolani right after you pass Ward Ave, and next to Jack in the Box. Parking is free valet, and there's never a need to wait for a table. Service is fast, not to mention they cook your meat for you! A little awkward when you are in deep conversation with the person across from you, but nonetheless, really convenient.

Whenever I'm there by myself for a quick lunch, I prefer the Cold Noodles (Naengmyeon), which comes with all the unlimited fixins' (banchan). Another favorite of mine is the Burdock Root (gobo). It's coated in mochi powder and then fried perfectly. A bit of a chewy exterior with a tender, soft center. Galbi Tang is another infamous favorite here, and I definitely know why. The meat is fall off the bone and the broth is so savory and flavorful.

The only thing about this place that gets people? The price. It's on the high side, especially when the minimum for ordering meat is two orders. I tell you, guys, if you can splurge one night, I highly recommend trying it once. I guarantee you will be hooked. It's also the only Korean-owned restaurant in Hawaii that uses wood charcoal for its grill. You can taste the difference.

If you're ordering any meat, try their boneless short rib! All meat is Prime cut- Budnamujip prides themselves on quality.

Makkoli! Korean Rice Wine. Milky, sweet, strong.

Wood Charcoal for barbecuing the meat.

Galbi Tang

Perfect lunch. Galbi Tang with side small Cold Noodle!

A must get. Burdock Root.

Complimentary Banchan. Gelatin noodle with sprouts and nori.

Take a leaf of cabbage, add meat, spread paste.....Enjoy!

Complimentary rice tea that comes at the end of every meal here!

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