Friday, August 8, 2014

Sedona and Page, Arizona

Antelope Canyon

Hey everyone, just got back from a wonderful two day trip to Sedona (my second time back!) and a day trip up to Page! Old memories were relived, and of course, many new memories were made. This time, my best friend and I decided to book a B&B (instead of a hotel room) in Oak Creek. We had a beautiful little villa with 2 beds and 2 baths plus a jacuzzi! Take a 5 minute walk to the creek and enjoy the soothing sound of the water and the gorgeous backdrop. It was amazing! Not to mention, no cell phone reception, which was both a gift and a curse! Thankfully, there was free wifi throughout the property.

I was just hoping that there wouldn't be any sudden flash flooding like the first time we were in Sedona.....see here for a recap! I'm grateful to say that we had delightful weather while in Arizona, albeit on the warmer side.

The day we arrived in Sedona, we had a quick dinner at Elote, known for their fantastic Mexican corn appetizer!!! Showed up around 530pm, and to my surprise, were seated right away! My go-tos? Elote appetizer, guacamole and chips, and Smoked Pork Cheeks. Oh, and a Blood Orange Margarita- the color of the bewitching mountains that lay in the background.

I had also wanted to dine at Cucina Rustica, which was where we had dinner every night back in 2011. No time this time, but I highly, highly recommend it. Arragosta alla Vodka- lobster linguine with the most memorable vodka sauce. THUMBS UP!

After a good night's rest, we woke up early the next morning and started our journey North to Page. About 10 minutes away from the border to Utah, Page is a Navajo Reservation town about a 3 hour drive away. I had wanted to visit Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend ever since seeing some fascinating pictures that my friend posted on Instagram. Glad to say I made the drive to see both attractions as it will be my first and last time in Page. There is nothing else to see or do out there, not to mention the hotels are mediocre at best and many have bed bugs!! 

Advice for Antelope Canyon Tours? There is a choice for Upper and Lower Canyon- we chose Ken's Tours which took us to Lower. You'll need GPS to get to and from Page, since cell reception is little to none along the way. From what I noticed, Upper tours require a short jeep ride to site, while Lower requires no ride, just a 10 minute blistering, sandy walk. $28 per person, my friend's 3 year old was free. CASH ONLY. Use the bathroom before, as there are only 6 port-a-potties on-site, and what you expect to find in them, you will.

Coming up from the tour

Tips for Horseshoe Bend? Go see this after you've done Antelope Canyon. It's about a 10-15 minute drive away, right off the highway back to Sedona. Follow the sign, park, and follow everyone up the sandy hill. There will be a little gazebo at the top of the hill. You're not there yet. To my bewilderment, after huffing and puffing up the little hill, you've got about a mile more to go. Walking to the bend takes roughly 30 minutes- DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT believe the reviews on Yelp that say it's only a 5-10 minute short walk, or you'll be in for quite a surprise like us. Have fun taking selfies at the Bend once you get there! I advise this place is not for little children that like to run around- it's just a cliff with a huge drop down and no fence or obstruction. SCARY. If you're afraid of heights, wait in the car. The walk back isn't fun- mostly uphill, plus the elevation will make it even more difficult if you're out of shape. Don't let me scare you- even I made it, and I'm not a hiking person!!!!! You'll be in awe of the view once you get there. I saw a boat gliding in the bend down there- may be a cool little tour too!

Take my advice and stay in Sedona if you decide to take a day trip to Page. That 3 hour drive will be worth the once in a lifetime views. On our way back to Sedona, we stopped to eat at my friend's favorite taco place in Flagstaff- Burritos Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill, in a little shopping center minutes from campus. Jenelle attended Northern Arizona University, and she insisted we go back to find it even though she didn't know the name- she just knew the served up the best tacos. Well, she was right- the tacos were so satisfying. Fried Corn Tortillas engulfed the most moist shredded beef taco and shrimp taco. And gigantic! Two tacos were more than enough! I was thirsty, so I opted for a Strawberry Jarrito (Mexican strawberry soda!) and homemade Horchata! So inexpensive!!!

A word of caution- Be sure to drive back from Page to Sedona during the light hours. We drove back around 8pm, and it was the scariest drive of my life. Winding roads in pitch black darkness and signs that alert you of animals darting in the road- trust me, you don't want to make this drive at night. Be aware that there are several sharp turns in the roads that mimic U-turns, so go slow. Use high beams. Good luck!!! Enjoy!

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    Planning a 4 night trip to Arizona with plans for Sedona Grand Canyon and Page.
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