Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Impressed Juice

Nalo Press 1- Pineapple, Cucumber, Baby Kale, Baby Arugula, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Mixed Mustard Greens, Red and Green Lettuce Blend

 I finally found Impressed Juice in Mercury Bar on Fort Street! I'd seen their posts on my Instagram feed numerous times, but could never figure out where in downtown they were located. Since then, I've become obsessed. OBSESSED. I have to have my Pa'i'ai bowl once a week at least!

So what is Pa'i'ai? No, it's not Poi, but instead what comes before the Poi. My first time at Impressed I was given an easy and very educational lesson on what exactly Pa'i'ai is. Taro or Kalo as the Hawaiians call it, is very flavorful to begin with, but when watered down to become poi, it loses its original essence and depth. Of course, both Poi and Pa'i'ai are extremely tasty in itself, but you will find Pa'i'ai to be more of a mochi-like texture. Gummy, sticky, thick. You might think it will add on the pounds, but it is actually a superfood that aids in digestion and weight loss! Gluten-free, high in potassium and fiber, and contains a serious amount of Vitamin E, which may offer protection against heart disease and certain cancers.

Give it a try- you will find Pa'i'ai to have a sweet flavor. There used to be over 300 varieties of taro, but today you will only find about 100. They all vary in color, starch-content and taste. You won't find one that tastes exactly like another.

Top your Pa'i'ai off with some smoked marlin or pork luau, and you got yourself a meal that will definitely satisfy you once the bowl is polished off. You could also add some chili pepper water if you need an extra kick!

If you need a cool down in this hot weather, Impressed Juice has their refreshing and ultra-healthy cold-pressed juices like my favorites, Sugarland Cooler (Watermelon, Basil, Mint, Lime) and Nalo Press 1. 

You can find Impressed Juice at Mercury Bar M-F 9am-3pm, Wednesday's Blaisdell Farmers Market from 4-7pm HERE, Thursdays at Kailua Farmers Market 4-7pm, Fridays at HMSA Farmers Market (much smaller) from 11am-2pm, and also at various events happening in Honolulu like Night Market and Eat the Street. Follow them on Instagram @impressedjuicehawaii for updates!

My favorite topping on my Pa'i'ai- Smoked Marlin! So ultra-tender

Nalo Press 1, Pa'i'ai with Dry Aku, Chili Pepper Water

Pa'i'ai with Pork Luau!!!

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