Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday Farmer's Market at KCC

I've posted about the Saturday KCC Farmer's Market here, but I'm happy to say that there is a new Tuesday KCC Farmer's Market! This pilot Farmer's Market will be here from June 12-August 14. Show up, because this is only a trial period! It's designed to be a smaller market for a more leisurely pace and dinner from 4-7pm. Although it is smaller, there are a lot of food booths that are not typically at the Saturday Market, and many many fresh produce and flower/plant booths to suit your needs. A very relaxing place to come after work!

Mochi made with okinawan sweet potato, edamame (soybeans), and taro. It's made fried tempura style topped with furikake.

Interesting, but pretty heavy.

My favorite taco place- Zaratez! See original post here.

Brie and Grape Quesadilla with sweet pea guacamole

Char Siu Chow fun

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